Y.A.H.G.E. - Yet Another Homemade Game Engine. (Just like mama used to make!!!)
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YPAK - A Compressed Directory Format

New YAHGE Team Memebers

     Check out the Team Page for details. The YAHGE Team now has four members.

YPAK Site Uploaded

     The YPAK page was uploaded. YPAK is an archvie file format for compressing directories. read more about it here

I Shall be uploading the YPAK Specification Document and the YPAK Win32 SDK soon. Check out the Documentation and Download pages.

Site Finished

     I am done with the basic theme/layout and all the pages are functional . am going to add a forum and stuff later.

Y.A.H.G.E. Design Work Started

     The Yahge Design Document work has started up and is progressing well. I shall be uploading the basic design and architecture doc in a few days.

Y.A.H.G.E. website is on-line

     Hello And Welcome to YAHGE - Yet Another Homemade Game Engine. The Aim of this project is to develop a simple to use 3D Engine for Rapid Prototyping of Game Ideas and Demo Creation. YAHGE Core Engine Shall be written in C++ and it shall support Python scripting. As of now it is just me. Take a look at the SourceForge Project Page Watch This Space for more updates.

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